Wider Creation in TRUTH

It is vital that as we enter Phase 3 of the full ascension to evolution process that we begin to align more fully with the frequency of Wider Creation in TRUTH.  As this frequency is TRUTH itself then it will aid in the dissolving of all that is non TRUTH. 

This allows for vast energetic transformations and begins to allow us to take full control of our human physical vehicle on ALL levels of Creation.  This sees us seal our Sovereignty fully IN Christ and allows for us to step out of the time loops, incarnation gateways and residual echos that pull us out of balance and see us walking paths that do notthing other than give false promises. 

The 144,000 who are here from Wider Creation in TRUTH and who's identity has been hijacked by religion will begin to reveal TRUTH to themselves. This sees a major transition moved into by those who are at this time second guessing their purpose. 

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