WE ARE - The BLUE Skull of ORION

WE ARE is a frequency from Wider Creation in TRUTH that has taken human physical form within humanity in order to aid the 144,000 who have incarnated from ORION into humanity.  It is vital that WE ARE is understood so the work of the ORION PORTAL thru Karen Doonan is to trigger the remembrance of WE ARE thru the human physical vehicles that have incarnated into the dimensional space referenced as "earth".

It is not possible to run the "I AM" alongside of the frequency of WE ARE therefore the process that is undergone by the 144,000 is one of dissolving of the connectors to the "I AM" frequency which is part of the control and defense mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix. 

WE ARE will begin to amass and find its human components in the physical everyday waking level for that is its purpose. Those who have taken human form will have gone thru many processes in order to "clean house", that is to remove the pre coding that exists in all human physical vehicles.  Then WE ARE goes thru the integration of the SPIRIT in TRUTH that then blends with the human physical form.  This process is ongoing and the work of TRUTH Codes and Releasing EDEN thru Karen Doonan is testament to the process itself. It is why Karen has brought thru the communication from ORION and why the High Council of ORION brought thru the "TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from ORION" book. To help the children of ORION and those who are WE ARE understand that which is unfolding thru them and around them at an everyday waking human life level.  

Without this understanding it would not be possible to fulfil the Creation in TRUTH purpose of WE ARE on the physical human plane of existence.  Karen holds the key frequency coding for the children of ORION who upon connecting with her will remember her and begin to remember in TRUTH. 

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