Unlocking the 144,000

It is to be noted that the unlocking of the 144,000 is done thru the surrendering of the process that we are within with ORION themselves. We at this human everyday life experience level have a restricted and very condensed view of what humanity is actually capable of. There are many within humanity that are now being "unlocked" and this unlocking is not that which the human logical mind understands straight away. The human heart is the key to the unlocking because the heart space itself is a protected dimensional space. It has a different frequency bandwidth to the rest of the human physical vehicle and once it is sealed IN Christ can reach understanding far beyond that which is generally accepted by humanity at this time. 

It is vital therefore that we begin to remember who WE ARE in TRUTH thru the surrendering to the process. We will be reminded of our giftings, of our skills set and we will be given physical everyday experience of said giftings and said skill set.  WE ARE here to aid the human race into their evolution, it is not TRUTH to assume that evolution is a just a "nicer" life experience, the human physical vehicle itself has been deliberately altered in an attempt to prevent said evolution and in an attempt to keep it oblivious to that which can be reached. 

The 144,000 are the first to go into this evolution process guided by those who are here from Wider Creation in TRUTH to oversee the process. They have incarnated into all walks of the human life experience, they come from a variety of sections of humanity across the entire dimensional space referenced as "earth" and they will begin to awaken to their giftings and their skill sets as we go thru this process.  ORION are already aware of this and have put in place transmissions, guidance and information thru Karen in order to address the entire process. 

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