Unearthing ROOTS in TRUTH

When we are "rooted" deeply we will continually experience "echoes" of said rooting.  The false teaching that seeks to teach about "karma" is a veil that is placed upon humanity by the Old Earth Matrix in order that humanity simply wear the veil and never seek to explore it further. 

Those in our human life experience who play significant "roles" are "rooted" into these thru the base time line. This timeline is where ANGER is rooted and it is from this timeline that the human life experience is expressed thru the various "echoes". 

When we meet someone who triggers us deeply it is due to the rooting in the original root timeline and we must work closely with the skull matrices in order to reach said timeline because it is heavily guarded.  Indeed it is Christ Himself who will hold us closely as we walk thru this forbidden landscape. 

It is necessary to clear the ROOT because it literally holds us to the Old Earth Matrix itself.  ALL family and relationship issues echo from the ROOT timeline and it is imperative it is removed because freedom of movement simply cannot happen if this root is intact. 

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