TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from ORION

The TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion book was first birthed thru Karen Doonan in 2012

Humanity is at a pivotal place in their existence. TRUTH Codes is the work that began with Karen entering the field of healing and alternative health. It has seen Karen walk in spaces that many would deny exist. Working with humanity across the world, across different cultures and having interacted with various dimensional realms over the course of her journey has seen Karen now once again begin to work to reveal to humanity that which is kept hidden. 

The High Council of Orion first appeared to Karen during a meditation during her training. They have walked with her since, always revealing TRUTH to new levels and always validating themselves. From a first visit to New York in 2010 for a Crystal Skull conference where Karen met many of the main players in the Crystal Skull arena she has visited over 11 states in the USA and traveled and held various workshops across the UK.

TRUTH Codes can be purchased in pdf format from the ORION PORTAL Store


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