The High Council of OrIon first appeared and connected with Karen during a meditation session in 2008. It was then her work began to shift and change in relation to how she connected to her clients and how she connected to the frequencies and vibrations around her.  The work that Karen began as a step towards healing now took on another aspect, that of what lies beyond. 

The High Council of Orion have revealed to Karen that which many still deny within humanity, that we are not alone and that we have never been alone. Karen has expanded the work that she shares with humanity and has written many articles that have given humanity insight into that which interrupts their connection to Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Now this expands once more and Karen has been asked once more by the High Council of Orion to share their message to humanity as they stand on the very brink of their evolution.  It has taken Karen many years to fully comprehend the sheer magnitude of change that is now birthing within humanity, each time she has been given very personal experience of this by Wider Creation in TRUTH so that she fully understands that which is unfolding. 

The High Council of Orion transmissions are given thru Karen via Christ to ensure that they are in the frequency of TRUTH as that which is referenced as "earth" has many who wish to speak but have their own agendas behind the words. 


Transmissions thru Christ keep their authenticity intact and keep the frequency of TRUTH intact. 

We ask that if you choose to share these transmissions that you keep the copyright statement and the entire transmission intact.


©2020 by Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.