The Tunnel

The Tunnel is the EXIT ROUTE out of the Old Earth Matrix and it is heavily guarded by said Old Earth Matrix. As we approach the Tunnel we will be rerouted to the CENTER of our PATH in TRUTH. This is to keep us from accidentally touching the outer edges of the PATH in TRUTH and the edges of the Tunnel itself. It is a very narrow dimensional space indeed and heavily patrolled by lower dimensional energies.


ALL IS FREQUENCY  and it is FREQUENCY that gives our location away to the Old Earth Matrix. The ROOT SOUL CONTRACT FREQUENCY is that which we removed during the expansion from phase one  into phase two.  It is our Creator YHWY who places a FALSE beacon in its place. This sees us navigate the expansion thru the overlay that we are other than we are in TRUTH. It is VITAL that we surrender to this and do not attempt to step out of the protection that we are afforded thru this GRACE. 

We are therefore opposed vehemently if we attempt to deviate from the CENTER of our PATH in TRUTH. 

Remember we cannot use those around us as navigation points, we are moving from static, stagnant energy bandwidths into more fluid, fresh bandwidths. The greatest fear of humanity is to somehow be alone and they go to great lengths to sacrifice themselves repeatedly in order that they do not remain "alone".  Sacrifice IS the illusion, if we find ourselves having to sacrifice part of who WE ARE or what we do in order for someone to remain in our human life experience then we are being blinded by illusion. It is only by removing the stagnant energy that we can move into unity and wholeness and this brings people TO US.  It creates friendships to new levels, it improves and clarifies communication with those around us, in simple terms it makes the human life experience less complex. 

This is why the Old Earth Matrix patrols this tunnel because those who navigate thru this tunnel are no longer bound by the illusion that is the unification thru separateness that the Old Earth Matrix holds humanity to.  Humanity are united in their differences, this is the illusion of unity and is not TRUTH. 

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