The Pain Body in TRUTH

When we enter the tunnel we are then blindfolded by Wider Creation in TRUTH.  This is to aid in our ability to work from the deep heart space. however the Old Earth Matrix has conditioned the human physical vehicle that if it is "blind" then it has no reference points and it will get lost.  View this akin to driving down a dark road, at night wearing a blind fold, it is our human logical mind that tries to enforce the picture that not only are we lost but that we will somehow crash the car.  Nothing is further from TRUTH, we are SPIRIT in TRUTH anchored into a human physical vehicle. View the human logical mind akin to auto pilot, in order to steer this vehicle in TRUTH we need to take off the auto pilot and begin to navigate using TRUTH. However the Old Earth Matrix itself has conditioned humanity that the auto pilot is a SAFETY feature and many will simply keep switching this auto pilot back on in times of deep transition believing that somehow this will get them to where they are going. 

This is a deep and intense illusion and it is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that takes control when we attempt to turn back on the auto pilot navigation. We may find ourselves at times of deep transition internally fighting ourselves and this self sabotage is highlighted in order that we can remove the internal emotional debris and false navigation points so that we begin to trust the driver and not the auto pilot.  The driver of course is Christ who is our navigator because HE is TRUTH. It is Christ who comes to us and reveals to us that which is triggering us in order that we can release it. When we release it there is no hostile INTERNAL frequency that is fighting our SPIRIT in TRUTH so we find a peace that we simply cannot reach until we remove the rogue frequency. 

At a human physical experience level we will find that things suddenly stop moving for us. We are held tightly in place because our SPIRIT in TRUTH knows that switching on auto pilot will see us OFF COURSE. Since this is not TRUTH we are prevented from accessing this false tool.  We will find that memories flood our human logical mind and they will be intense at times. This is not to somehow berate us or judge us, this is done to remove the false navigation points that the memory is protecting. Therefore when we begin to remember times in our human life experience where we have endured much pain we MUST surrender IN Christ and go deep into the heart space, symbolically working with HIM in order to address the rogue frequency which has created a false navigation point. The healing that this permits is intense and this is deliberate because we are healing as we walk further towards Wider Creation in TRUTH and we heal in ways that we have not experienced before because we are walking in TRUTH. 

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