The Hive

The "hive" is simply the physical family household that we are born into.  Each household within a family lineage will run on a base construct that is overseen by the "Queen Bee" of the entire family lineage. She pollinates the family homes thru her teachings that are laid down within the first few years of human life in this our human physical form. 

This is widely accepted by humanity as "tradition" and many family lineages will go to extreme lengths to preserve said "tradition". Any attempt at side stepping or challenging said "tradition" will result in what is referenced as "black sheep" behavior and we will find this repeatedly when we look closely within family units. 


The "Queen Bee" thrives upon the emotional distress that these "traditions" bring to the family units. Indeed we will find at times of harvesting that family units will gather around the "Queen Bee" in order to try to gain her acceptance. This turns sibling upon sibling, spouse against spouse etc.

So for example there will be a "dominant" female within the family lineage structure who seeks to keep everyone in said family lineage structure in place. This at a human physical experience level can be difficult to see because as we are born into family lineage that is all we have to reference until we are given further experience and we are able to reach the transmission coding that gives us a comparison.  We will find that within family structures those who appear to challenge the 

"the way things are done" and "have always been" are not tolerated, this can be challenging when it appears those who are supposed to be there for you begin to work against you. It may make you feel as if somehow you don't fit in but what is happening in TRUTH is that the energy that runs within this root bandwidth is trying to have you remain within it. As this is not TRUTH you may find yourself wildly swinging between what is "expected" of you and that which you feel you are. 



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