As the High Council of Orion is a GOVERNING STELLAR BODY the council itself is made up of various star systems that support the ORION portal itself. It is not TRUTH to assume that every available star system is a member, this is an assumption based on the heavy logic and reason conditioning that humanity are subject to. 

The High Council of Orion is made up of the following star systems who are in alignment with the CREATION PURPOSE in TRUTH of those who are incarnate into human form and who are here to move thru the ORION PORTAL:

Alpha Centauri 

Constellation of ARIES


Constellation of TAURUS





The ORION Portal is a protected dimensional space thru which those incarnated into the human race are able to move the physical human vehicle into which they have incarnated thru a process that cleanses, clears and re-calibrates said human physical vehicle in order that humanity are able to reach evolution.  This sees a process that runs to DNA/RNA level of cleansing and clearing completed and as this is cleared and cleansed the ability of the human physical vehicle to accept and to work with the expanded frequencies that sit beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth" increases. This sees those incarnate able to balance their human life experience with their Creation Purpose in TRUTH. It permits the human physical vehicle to become more adept at using frequency and bandwidth and entering and experiencing the dimensional reality that exists beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth". 

It is vital that the process is permitted to continue and hence we have created this safe protected "online" space to aid your validation of that which is occurring both internally and externally as you begin to remember WHO WE ARE in TRUTH. 

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