It is relatively easy for us in this our human physical form to dismiss information and guidance that does not immediately "make sense" or "validate" our current reality.  This is part of the dense illusion perpetrated by the Old Earth Matrix and its need to keep humanity isolated.  The High Council of ORION is one of many governing bodies that exist within Wider Creation in TRUTH. The ORION Portal  is the gateway thru which Wider Creation in TRUTH are overseeing the evolution of humanity as ORION are the most closely related species to humanity.  For many this will come as validation to memories that arise within them, to others this will seem to be "fiction" and yet TRUTH JUST IS. 

The High Council of ORION oversee this process thru Karen by speaking thru her and creating thru her. She stands in this her human physical form as testament to the process that is now fully underway and which will now anchor more fully in the physical plane that the human vehicle exists within. Wider Creation in TRUTH sent 144,000 to incarnate into humanity and to experience the density that is the human life experience over many millenia. This has permitted a reference point to be established and worked from. It is not possible to understand the density of humanity or any species for that matter without having first hand experience of the form that exists.  Therefore there are 144,000 incarnate and who are now beginning to realize that they are "different" from those around them. This of course creates a frequency that disrupts the connection between The ORION Portal gateway and the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

It is only humanity that are bound by time and space and the context of "linear", again this is part of the Old Earth Matrix isolation process that is placed within the human physical vehicle. This is addressed thru the information and the guidance that comes from the High Council of ORION thru Karen.  It is CHRIST who stands as the gateway between The High Council of ORION and humanity because He is the transformer, many will be called to Christ Himself and then reject their ORIGIN and this is also being addressed. The Old Earth Matrix uses the construct of religion to try to prevent humanity fully understanding a man who came to reveal TRUTH and who will return.  So confusing is the "knowledge" that is presented to humanity within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" that there comes a point where it will collapse. It is when this happens that TRUTH will be revealed and it is as this happens that Wider Creation in TRUTH are preparing their children in their human physical form to step forward and live TRUTH.  It is only by revealing at human physical level that TRUTH can be seen and understood. The 144,000 are therefore the fore runners to the evolution that ALL of humanity will move into. 

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