Here is some of the feedback that Karen has received from those who have worked with her to address the issues in their life that were holding them back:

I have connected with Karen many times over the past few years. Her channeled messages and meditations have been so very helpful in these  trying times, always peeling the onion back a little further each time.

The Vibrational Healing Meditation and Skull Collective work she offers allowed me to release the stronghold and addiction that was related to the Grief I held. I believe i would not have been able to release the addiction if it wasn’t for Karen and the Skull Collective .

I recommend Karen’s work, she is a Treasured Blessing for All.

B.C. Canada


I have known and worked with Karen since 2013 and watched her work develop into something extraordinary. The patience and compassion needed to understand the root of the issue is only part of Karen’s work.


Success being notable change in a situation, emotion, or feeling is evidence that the work you embark on with Karen is working. I have experienced all of this, that shows up in everyday life.  Energy, guidance and higher frequency have to be utilized in our Life to create New ways.”Truth just is”  has never been offered in a more authentic, Loving, unique working way.


I can only say if you have found your way here, you are on your way Home!

Julie Gullick-Wiley – www.spiritandadventure.com

Karen is an old soul who shares practical insights for those wishing to embrace the new earth paradigm. Her content, spiritual concepts and meditations are ideal for those who wish to experience, learn and evolve on their own spiritual awakening and journey.


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