Why switch gas stations?

So why do we not just switch gas stations?  Surely if the 3 main gas stations (click here) cause problems with the human physical vehicle then those who use said gas stations would simply stop refueling at said stations?  The Old Earth Matrix is quite an illusion, the more popular a gas station the more that the illusion is deepened. The more that interact with the illusion the more "solid" the illusion appears. We also have to understand that in the beginning of the refueling process the gas appears to "work", the human physical vehicle will appear to handle very nicely and the miles per gallon will appear to  reflect that which is presented. It is only by looking under the hood as it were that we can identify the problems that will begin to appear when using a particular fuel.  Remember the human physical vehicle is already a second hand car by the time we have incarnated in to it in this our human life experience. It has no users manual and those who are around the human physical vehicle and who are in the same garage will use the same fuel.  So we will find family ancestral patterning of various health issues which are taken as part and parcel of the human life experience itself. 

A family lineage with a "history" of say heart attacks will not see their diet, their lifestyle, how they deal with stress etc as factors in the breaking down of their human physical vehicle. These are seen by humanity as something that happens "to" the human physical vehicle, very few see the connection between the family dynamics and how emotions are dealt with and the optical running of said human physical vehicle.  Trying to refuel without de-toxifying the engine for example is a recipe for disaster but the human life experience is fully polarized within the Old Earth Matrix. So we will find human physical vehicles who "choose" a healthy lifestyle, they may eat the assumed healthy foods and exercise but may still exist within an emotionally toxic family ancestral lineage. Without dealing with the emotionally toxic debris that is already within their human physical vehicle no amount of exercise or health foods will fuel their human physical vehicle. 

As the toxic nature of emotional debris is NORMALIZED within the Old Earth Matrix it remains largely unseen.  So we have this fracturing of humanity that do not see the toxic nature of the human life experience itself. Only by surrendering the toxic emotional debris that sits within the structure of the human physical vehicle thru the deep heart space can changing gas stations have an improvement on the running of said vehicle. 

TRUTH does not work with emotional toxicity, it clears it out, so many will attempt to fuel their human physical vehicle and choose to top up with TRUTH, but the mixture of TRUTH with any other fuel causes a mixture that can be unpleasant in its symptoms. The emotional debris will float to the top of the tank as it were.  Many are just not prepared to go thru the cleansing process because it can bring up uncomfortable situations.  Toxic emotional debris within family ancestral lineages are powerful, many will literally worry themselves to death rather than release or even look at family ancestral emotional debris because said ancestral family lineage "has always been like this" and when someone begins to move out of it those still in it tend to attack in order to defend it. 

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