Popular Gas Stations


This gas station asks that you refuel regularly and runs a "reward" program that sees you top up in order to get a break from the outer waking reality. 

This gas station runs on the premise that we actually require to have a break from the outer waking reality.  This fuel when used repeatedly and exclusively sees the human physical vehicle begin to lose its sense of identity and breaks down the inner calibration of frequency. It sees the drivers lose focus as they struggle to adjust between the different levels of frequency that exist and can often cause the human physical vehicle to crash because the drivers is not in full control.

Those who use this fuel will find long queues to pay for the fuel which allows other entities to enter the human vehicle unseen and remain as invisible passengers. 

This fuel although promoted as a sort of standard fuel will over time cause untold damage to the actual human physical vehicle thru the toing and froing and need to top up as the fuel runs out. 


This gas station entices its users in by reminding them just how painful the waking reality is.  By bringing the focus back to the actual moment but declining to remove the present emotional residue this fuel begins to erode the human physical vehicle.  

It is promoted as a superior fuel and yet is very similar to the meditation fuel. Users are given the illusion that they are in a different place than they actually are and the driving of the human physical vehicle is impaired by the illusions that are presented by this particular fuel. 

To pay for this fuel the driver has to  hand over the same pain repeatedly this sees huge queues waiting to pay for this fuel and again as the driver is distracted this allows for unseen passengers to enter the human physical vehicle and cause further distractions along the journey.  

Use of this fuel for long periods of time results in various periods of breaking down of the main engine of the human physical vehicle and many drivers will find their car repeatedly towed to a nearby garage to address the damage caused. 

Rote & Ritual

This gas station is the most popular of all.  Those who us this gas station have various "reward" items that they can purchase as a reward for refueling with this gas.  Use of this gas sees the human physical vehicle move into "master/servant" mode with the items amassed from the refueling placed in the human life experience as reference points. 

This allows for re routing, road blocks and resurfacing to appear randomly.  This sees the human physical vehicle often forced off highways and into cross country mode which of course provides much wear and tear to the human physical vehicle. 

Different branding of this fuel sees many gas stations using the exact same fuel display it slightly differently giving the driver the illusion that somehow the fuel sold at this gas station is better than its competitors which is in fact just rebranding to give said illusion.

Due to the wear and tear of this gas many drivers will find that themselves in the waiting room set aside for payment for said fuel and which is commonly known as every day troubles. 

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