Introducing Karen

Karen is the connection between humanity and Wider Creation in TRUTH thru ORION.  The High Council of Orion has worked with Karen for decades bringing thru Karen the information and material that is required in order to reach understanding. 

Karen works by aligning the human physical vehicle with the frequencies that are demanded by Wider Creation in TRUTH thru her connection in Christ and to ORION themselves.  This sees movement and expansion where the human logical mind often just sees a closed door. 

The 144,000 at a very deep level already "know" Karen, on working with Karen at a personal level it will become very apparent how this connection is to unfold. She is already briefed by ORION on that which their children require and is aware of how delicate the walking out of the Old Earth Matrix and off the battlefield is for many of them. This allows her to work deeply and carefully always balancing and expanding as required by the 144,000 as a collective and personally.

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