Karen & The Children of ORION

The High Council of ORION came thru Karen during her training in Vibrational Medicine.  Sharing of the messages that came from the High Council of ORION then began.  This created a massive following for Karen's work and the beginning of her journey HOME in TRUTH.  The journey that the Children of ORION have experienced will have been one that is challenging to the human logical mind as they have been removed from the dense constraints placed upon the very human physical vehicle they have chosen to incarnate into. This will have seen them segregated from those around them and may have triggered them at many levels at various parts of their journey. 

Karen's work is to help the Children of ORION navigate thru the dimensional space referenced as "earth" and to help them adjust their frequency and their understanding of why they are here and what they are here to birth.  Many of the Children of ORION already feel a deep connection to her work and for those who have stepped forward, personally to Karen herself. This is because WE ARE ONE in TRUTH.  In this dimensional space referenced as "earth" there are frequency rules to entering and these are to take one of two forms, human male or human female. This sets a deep illusion from the very moment we take our first breath in this our human physical form. The journey of the Children of ORION is to dissolve the illusion and to reach the understanding that WE ARE. From this ALL else flows in TRUTH. 

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