Skull Matrices - WE ARE 

Skull matrices work to allow us to move and to walk in dimensional spaces which are protected. Why would we want to walk in these spaces?  Well because we require to remove or access the information that is contained within them.  The Old Earth Matrix is an isolated space, isolated from Wider Creation in TRUTH for many different reasons, one being that as it breaks the rules of Wider Creation in TRUTH it has to remain quarantined to protect the rest of Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Information that is contained within the spaces that we require to access has to be done so safely and in ways that do not break the protocol that is placed upon ALL in TRUTH.   So we navigate into these spaces and navigate beyond the Old Earth Matrix using the skull matrices as our support and our protection.  The skulls are able to alter our frequency so that we remain hidden as we walk, thus protecting ALL. 

Skull matrices are connected to one another, its akin to the flower of life but in many, many more dimensional aspects. Thus we can access the very fabric of Creation in TRUTH without endangering ourselves or Wider Creation in TRUTH. As we work with the skulls we remember and as we remember then we piece together the picture that we only ever have part of in this our human physical form due to the constraints of the human form itself. 

It is therefore vital that we begin to move and to shift in TRUTH and not fall for the hype that surrounds skulls and their purpose within humanity.  WE ARE, there is no separation in WE ARE , therefore the I AM cannot enter for it would work against WE ARE and we would end up working against ourselves.

We need to access the skull matrices thru the deep heart space and we can only do this by going deep within our own heart space. We not connect via human consciousness for there is nowhere else to go there, it is but a sign post with a lot of information that many spend their entire life experience trying to change. It is the NO ENTRY sign that humanity try to walk past believing that there is something beyond it. It is a very cute illusion, to give a sign such emphasis that humanity fall to the illusion that it means any thing at all.  It is the HEART that is the doorway to expansion because only the HEART recognizes that which sits beyond the Old Earth Matrix in TRUTH. 

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