Karen offers various services to aid the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH both understand who they are and why they are here.  These services are offered in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

If you wish to book a one to one session with Karen then please email her outlining what you wish to address.  Prices differ depending on the service that is provided. 

For remote services which are done via email please select below:


In Phase 3 we are asked to align fully to Creator thru Christ.  This allows for a full alignment with our Creation in TRUTH Purpose. The "human" chakra system is designed to prevent full alignment beyond the Old Earth Matrix due to the colors that prevent the full alignment. It is necessary to address the colors as these are part of the 7 steps to Heaven that is discussed in the TRUTH Codes Gold podcasts. 

Karen provides full instructions and explanation of how to clear the debris thru the angelic energy that is assigned by HEAVEN in TRUTH to the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH. 


Guardian Angel Guidance

Each of the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH is overseen and protected by an emissary of HEAVEN in TRUTH, in human terms these are understood as ANGELS.  Each Guardian has a specific remit that permits the ANGEL to step in and to help at any level that is required in this our human physical form. 

Karen provides the connection to and the wisdom from your Guardian at this time with information on how to work personally with this Angel and how to re-establish a strong connection to work with. 


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