Protest Signs


We must always understand that the sentries and those who are in place to attempt to re route, to delay and to block the path beneath our feet are always RELATED TO US. At this level of clearing and aligning in Phase Two we will be faced with the opposition that comes thru our relatives.  It will NOT be obvious, this is not a case of them simply taking the opposite stance to us, it is much more insidious than this.  Remember those who are not to awaken in this human life experience are merely empty vessels. We are not here to pass judgement on humanity, that is not our role but it is a danger zone that many simply walk into and set up home within. This permits the Old Earth Matrix to hold is tighter, it creates strongholds that are woven thru us and many are within this cage at this time. 

We are here in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH, this is our primary focus, not humanity itself. This of course makes no sense to the human logical mind and it is not meant to, our heart space understands but is often challenged by the human logical mind.  It must be noted that it is not necessarily this generational level that is opposing us. We are moving in Phase Two to releasing the ANCESTRAL BLOOD LINES that have held humanity in chains. We will have incarnated into the family blood lines that are the most corrupted. Remember we are brought up within these family blood lines, from the moment we are born we will have been subject to the conditioning the filtering and the belief systems of said family blood line.  It is VERY CHALLENGING TO SEE BEYOND THEM. 

We will find that family members pop up in our waking life experience and their influence will be felt, it is not what they say to us, it is not how they behave towards us, it is WHAT THEY REPRESENT SYMBOLICALLY in relation to the blasphemy that the ancestral blood line has been corrupted thru.  We do not usually know or have information about our own lineage past a few generations. Much is hidden and some of this debris involves OFF Planet energies.  Our human logical mind is no help at all at this level, it will simply stone wall us. 

We are held in a safe, protected space as we do this work and the skull collective, Christ and the High Council of Orion oversee all that we are going thru. We will have things underlined for us and we will then be guided to go into the deep heart space and be shown thru symbols and themes that which we work with. Some of it is so blasphemous in the wider picture that we will be given only a glimpse and that is for our own protection. It is the stronghold that is created thru the false frequency that is handed down genetically generation to generation that must be removed. We cannot go past a sentry holding said false frequencies. We will be lit up like a spiritual beacon and they will do all they can to prevent us finding the ROOT of the false frequency. 

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