We are all aware of phases where we appear to be going round in circles and can feel the frustration that this births. We may begin to take a few steps forward and then suddenly we find ourselves blocked across our path again. When this begins to unfold we are being targeted by SENTINELS sent by the Old Earth Matrix. 

These sentinels are not always as the Matrix films would have us believe, they do not appear as dark and foreboding, often it is the exact opposite. Their entire purpose is to stop us in our tracks and have us self sabotage our very process. The frequency that these entities emit makes them very challenging to even see because they will hide in a part of our frequency bandwidth that we are blind to - the very root of our Old Earth Matrix frequency. 

In lay-mans terms they will hide in our blind spot, we do not see them because they trigger an emotional response that we are not consciously aware of. They will appear as "friends" as "partners", indeed the closer they can get to us the more hidden they remain. 

They are part of the defense mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix itself and they WILL challenge us as we take steps away from the Old Earth Matrix towards Wider Creation in TRUTH.  Wider Creation in TRUTH has various frequency protocols in place that prevents the entry of these sentinels beyond the Old Earth Matrix however if they are challenging us and even walking with us as we are challenged it prevents our movement beyond the quarantine zone.

Working with the skull matrices will see us clear the root frequency that we still carry and permit us to move beyond the quarantine zone, we are held in the Grace of our Creator as we work with this. It is Christ and Archangel Michael himself who will hold us in quarantine until we are able to accept who these sentinels are and what they are revealing to us. We must always remember that we came here to become whole as we move into Phase Two, remaining divided serves no one in TRUTH. 

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