Within every human family lineage will be a "Queen Bee", a female relative who is central to the workings of the family lineage itself. Usually Queen Bees incarnate every second generation but in certain human family lineages this can be EVERY generation and often a surrogate Queen Bee will be incarnated to take over from the Queen Bee who has reached her maximum re-incarnation cycle. 


Queen Bees rule the family entirely, it may be that those within the family lineage do not agree with her on many issues but still will be the overwhelming unwritten rule that she must be "obeyed".  Other family members will go out of their way to uphold her "authority" within the family lineage itself and this will override all who attempt to marry into said lineage. This creates the "mother-in-law" that breaks down marriages where the male may have been the more dominate of the two spouses. Undermining him repeatedly and using the female as the weapon thru which she strikes at the male. The entire point of a QUEEN BEE is to enforce the sacrificial rote and ritual in relation to the human MALE.  He is sacrificed thru the rote and ritual that is marriage, providing offspring which are then used against him and used to control and suppress him. 

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