It is vital that as we work with the energies of the ORION Portal that we understand the path beneath our feet. We are not alone and this can be ignored in this our human physical form, we are trained and conditioned deeply within the Old Earth Matrix to believe our human logical mind and our human eyes. We may fall often to the "solidity" of the outer waking reality. It is not a solid, it is an illusion that hides the doorways that sees us exit a dimensional space that is blasphemous. 

As we look out on to the outer waking reality we are conditioned to ignore the doorways that appear. The doorways are heavily guarded when they lead to a level of understanding that would allow us to to keep walking, many at this time are sanding right in front of a door way but the human logical mind is stating there is nothing. 

This creates a level of frustration and anxiety within our human physical form that creates a sort of negative portal, one that works against us. It is only by aligning fully with the transmission coding from ORION that movement will occur. View the Old Earth Matrix as a frequency scrambler. There are other stations out there but the dominant one is the Old Earth Matrix. Much like tuning to a radio station you require to have a clear receiver in order to receive that which is being transmitted. At each stage of the process of phase two there will be frequency scramblers trying to confuse the outer waking reality in order that you stop movement. They come in the form of people, actual places, scenarios etc but all are designed to have you second guess yourself, to attempt to step back out of the very patterns that you have lived your human life experience within. 

As this is not TRUTH you will end up being held in a sort of limbo, you cant go back to what was because now you see it for what it is in TRUTH you cannot interact or behave in that manner because the distorted root frequency is interrupting your receiving of information. So we can get lost in this, its akin to have a sat nav suddenly stop working, you were on your way, you had the co ordinates and the route in front of you but now you cant find it. 

If you find yourself in this position and feel you cannot move in any direction you may to order a Conversation with Karen in order to clarify and release that which is remaining hidden within you

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