Pleiadian Outcasts

We must never underestimate the amount of conditioning that the human race have been subject to. The IDOLATRY that has been conditioned into humanity, the sacrificial rote and ritual that has been embedded into the human life experience itself. Just because humanity accept these does not make these TRUTH. 

We are forbidden in this our human physical form to expand beyond the limitations of the Old Earth Matrix due to the intense sacrificial rote and ritual that is practiced within the dimensional space referenced as "earth". 

The construct of Religion is the one that remains unseen by humanity. The sacrifice of the human male vehicle repeatedly under the guise of "sisterhood", "motherhood" etc is nauseating and yet remains hidden to the vast majority of humanity. 

The seeding of this dimensional space referenced as "earth" was done using replicated DNA/RNA from a sacrificed MALE with the DNA/RNA of a Pleiadian QUEEN.  This created the false creation story within the construct of religion and has seen said "queen" idolized thru the rote and ritual of human marriage. The human physical male sacrificed repeatedly as "mother" and "daughter" have taken control and run the entire family lineage patterning. 

This is against Wider Creation in TRUTH where male and female are EQUAL thru their connection thru Creator in TRUTH. 

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