Conversation thru Karen 

It can be daunting to address that which is asked of us in this our human physical form. For many people the idea that they can actually experience something beyond the hum drum everyday separation and division seems to be akin to a dream.  Having worked with people across all sections of humanity over the many years that Karen has shared her work has seen Karen able to hone the skills that she has. 

Conversations thru Karen are informal, they are a way of getting to the root of the issues thru the normal conversations that are had at a human everyday level but with the added bonus that it is highlighted very quickly that which is "playing out". From this the breadcrumbs are found and the issue is identified and addressed.  We will often find that the "issue" although presenting as one thing is actually something else entirely. 

Healing comes from the release of the root frequency and this is done thru using guided imagery and symbols as the human logical mind is very clever at trying to hide the actual issue itself. 

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