As we move further into the full evolution process we are asked to change the way that we fuel our human life experience. This sees us prevented from accessing the fuel that we have previously used in order that we can move into the understanding of why said "fuel" simply no longer aligns with our needs.  The human physical vehicle is akin to a car, it is our vehicle thru which we experience the human life itself.  The Old Earth Matrix will place focus on physical nutrition and physical exercise as a way to provide a very dense illusion in respect of our "health".  We must become more aware of the illusions presented to us so our SPIRIT in TRUTH will begin to redirect our choices and our options.  This can cover physical external sources but these evolve and shift as the inner landscape is addressed thru the deep heart space. 

Our human physical vehicle was created within the Old Earth Matrix to run on a very dense, short bandwidth and as we clear the emotional debris we are able to reach longer, higher, lighter bandwidths that allow us to experience a different life experience than we have had prior to the release. This affects ALL and this remains unseen until it is revealed to us personally.  It is not the "end product" that is the issue with many physical items in the outer waking reality it is the process and frequency that was used in their production and creation. 

To help you understand the role of the new fuel and to understand how the current refueling within the Old Earth Matrix harms the entire human life experience not least our physical human form itself THE ORION PORTAL PREMIUM FUEL podcasts are available in various options. 

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