Navigating Illusion part 3

We can never underestimate the power of the human logical mind to assume and never more so when we are presented with but part of a picture and left to "fill in" the spaces. The human logical mind will of course "fill in" the spaces with the references points that it has collected and stored over our human life experience to date. There will be an air of "familiarity" around that which is presented but not enough to allow the questioning to begin immediately. 

It is when we are presented with this depth of illusion that we will find our outer waking life experience come to an immediate stop. This is to PROTECT us from further movement until we can address thru full surrender to Christ in our deep heart space that which is driving the illusion. This will always be a hidden ROOT of emotional debris that is connected to family lineage patterning.  It is so obvious when Christ begins to work deeply with us but prior to this we will have been blind to it. 

We are given the holding space in order to understand just how off course we would have been had we been permitted to take the decisions/action/movement that the illusion was guiding us to take. Part of the process that we go thru is a deep understanding of where we are on the entire board.  It will come as a shock often to understand just how manipulated we have been and how our skill set has been used against us due to this blind spot. 

It is the GRACE of our Creator YHWY and our full surrender to His Son, Christ that holds us in place and prevents the illusion from taking hold and have us move into dangerous territory. 

©2020 by Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.