The Desert is a dimensional space  where we will find that which has contained us and in doing so has deprived us of nourishment. It is a hot, arid, lifeless place that is held in place by constructs that are NOT TRUTH but which have been anchored at DNA/RNA level thru our birth into the Old Earth Matrix itself. 

It is not possible to navigate the Desert by ourselves, that would be akin to suicide, we are guided at all, any and every moment by Christ, Himself. It is Christ who sits with us when we feel that we cannot go on, it is Christ who gives us words of wisdom, it is Christ who illuminates the shackles that only HE can free us from. It is a place where our deepest fears and also our deepest faith resides.  

It is our walk into and beyond the Desert that will see the construct of religion BROKEN from root level within us and it requires to be. The construct of religion is the chain that binds humanity to a false God, to a false reality and to self sacrifice that is blasphemous in TRUTH. 

Therefore during the walk in the Desert it will be the Word of YHWY specifically the King James Version of the Word of YHWY that is used to highlight and to move us into understanding. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE EMBRACING RELIGION, we are in effect dissolving it. All that is left is TRUTH, all else is illusion. 

It must be noted that the DNA/RNA coding that sits at root level within your human physical vehicle will have been kept hidden from you and you cannot look around your next of kin and simply assume. We incarnated into the human family lineages with the most emotional debris in order to prevent the next cycle of harvesting starting. This can be viewed as tilling the fields.  EVERY SPECK must be removed or it will simply re-germinate. The human logical mind will go into overdrive if permitted to because it cannot understand the walk prior to starting it. Therefore you may find yourself standing at the edge of the Desert and procrastinating repeatedly.  If this is the case and you wish to move forward then you may wish to book a Conversation with Karen to address the hidden root that is holding you in place.  

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