Navigating Illusion part 5

We are never more blind than when we hit the internal walls that we have built within our human physical vehicle when it comes to deep trauma. It is to be remembered that trauma is stored ANCESTRALLY within the human physical vehicle and that we have incarnated in order to remove the ANCESTRAL walls that have been re-enforced generation to generation. It will therefore often make NO SENSE AT ALL that which is illuminated to us thru Christ during this process. 

One of the deepest illusions is the illusion around SEXUAL POWER.  We must remember that within the dimensional space referenced as "earth" this is highly distorted.  There is no SEXUAL EQUALITY whatsoever within the Old Earth Matrix, the human female has been bound to a predatory energy that goes all out to NEUTER the human males that she interacts with sexually. 

This is a quirk of the reptilian DNA that was inserted into the last two cycles of human reproduction.  So for approximately two 2,000 year cycles the female predator has successfully neutered the males.  This is a massive challenge for us in this our human physical form for in Wider Creation in TRUTH this simply does not happen. 

In order to help you understand the basics and to compare, the mating rituals of lizards is one to begin with. ALL - The BLUE Skull of ORION has spent a lot of time giving me full understanding of said behavior and once it is seen and understood a whole new level of "human" behavior is revealed. 

We are put thru a process that sees us remove the hybrid reptilian DNA from within our human physical vehicle DNA/RNA and we are given a deep understanding so that we can release the trauma that this has produced within our personal relationships. It is not TRUTH and is not supported in any way, shape or form and the false teachings of the "Divine Female" and even the "Divine Male" are blasphemous false teachings that are designed to permit the behavior to remain. We are therefore highly opposed when we revert to said behaviors and we will be placed in energetic quarantine until we surrender that which drives this within us. 

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