Navigating Illusion part 4

As we move thru the Desert the SOURCE of the illusions that are presented to us as mirages is then illuminated.  Whilst there are forces that work on the spiritual at this level of work these forces have taken HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM as WE have. 

There will be ONE human physical form running the show as it were and Christ will work very closely within our deepest heart space to guide us to said human physical vehicle. It is at this point that we are shown the level of protection that WE ARE within. You may ask why we are placed in such a position but this comes from a very logical and reasoning point of view. 

The END GAME has been playing out now for the last linear 2000 linear years and we have been in play since then. However the human physical vehicle has a very limited shelf life whilst within said 2000 linear cycle. It is NOW in this human life experience that we are moving thru the Desert in order to stop the cycle from re-seeding and starting over again. Therefore darkness will have sent emissaries of dark who have only one purpose and this is to protect the Old Earth Matrix at all costs. 

We are given the experience of dealing with the very personal ones first and foremost because they are the ones who are doing the most harm. It is they who provide the deepest illusion, who attempt to re-seed the disharmony, who openly attack our viewpoint, our life experience and seek to create a chaos that other family members fully engage with. But they remain hidden behind a veil that is only taken down by Christ when we have reached the level of frequency that can defeat them. 

It is vital that we remember we are not in service directly to humanity and that by sitting on the fence we are harming not only ourselves but humanity in general. The human physical vehicle presented at this stage will appear to be in dire straits, ill health will be used as a smoke screen for various behaviors that once identified validate the BEing that is resident within said human physical vehicle. It is not TRUTH to assume that said BEing has been resident for the entire life span so far of said human physical vehicle however it will have been primed for residency.


Therefore we have to accept that defeat of the BEing results often in the physical death of the human vehicle itself. It is being kept artificially alive thru the hosting of the BEing and the suffering of the human soul which is kept apart from the human physical vehicle is intense. We will be required to retrieve the SOUL firstly to ensure it is handed back to LIGHT and to prevent its re-use within the Old Earth Matrix itself. 

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