Navigating Illusion part 2

It is when we are within our journey thru the Desert that our Spirit in TRUTH begins to illuminate more clearly and more deeply. The Desert is a dimensional space that is very thin and it is where the veils begin to dissolve. It is vital that we allow this understanding to birth thru us, within us and around us.  Whilst our deepest fears will make themselves known it is our Spirit in TRUTH that speaks the loudest. 

It is our Spirit in TRUTH that welcomes us and guides and speaks with us. It is vital that we remain surrendered to the process itself and do not simply fall to human logic and reason. We will find ourselves deeply opposed when we begin to fall to this illusion and we may find ourselves experiencing deep frustration as we fall to said illusion. 

We will have been prepared PRIOR to entering the Desert for that which is found within the Desert. Our dream time begins to get clearer, we begin to understand how to navigate between the layers of dimensions whilst remaining alert and able to navigate. We hone our skill set  within the Desert. You may wish to view it akin to a trial run, a simulation so that when we require to use our skill set in our Creation Purpose in TRUTH in a wider dimensional space which sits beyond, we have remembered our skill set once more in this our human physical form. 

It should be noted that we are not new to our skill set, it is the very reason that we incarnated into humanity. We are remembering who WE ARE in TRUTH and in doing so birthing this into and on to the physical plane of existence where our human physical vehicle exists. 

©2020 by Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.