Navigating Illusion

When we step into the Desert we are given the experience of how protected we are in TRUTH. This experience is given to us in order to strengthen both our FAITH and our UNDERSTANDING.  It is our deepest rooted fear that is revealed in our walk thru the Desert and these fears are the ones that have remained hidden to us. 

They are hidden because they are often rooted off planet and are kept from us thru a variety of strongholds that seek to blind us to the ROOT. We do not require to deal with the illusions that these manifest, we are required to take out the ROOT. 

We do not do this alone, we cannot possibly even begin to know where to start but our SPIRIT in TRUTH does because it is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that led us here. It led us here in order to sweep the "house" clean, our housing is of course our human physical vehicle. The human physical vehicle was not created by Wider Creation in TRUTH, it has been engineered over various 2000 year cycles and has been adapted, reshaped and often times destroyed. The destruction of the human physical vehicle occurs most often in the LEMURIAN and ATLANTEAN timelines which is why they require to be fully surrendered prior to entering the Desert. 

The human logical mind is not our friend in our walk thru the Desert because it has been conditioned and re purposed to only reference that which has occurred in this current lifetime first and foremost. 

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