Moving to TRUTH

Moving fuel to be fueled by TRUTH alone is therefore a process and one that many are within at this time. Remember we are dealing with 7000 linear cycles of emotional debris held at DNA/RNA level and as we are connected IN Christ thru the deep heart space it is Christ who controls the flow of TRUTH from Wider Creation in TRUTH. This prevents us getting overloaded or the engine from clogging as the emotional debris floats to the surface. It is also Christ that we work with IN the deep heart space in order to cleanse the emotional debris PERMANENTLY. This is not a just skim off the surface and the engine will work, many are attempting this short cut which does untold damage to the human physical vehicle and if we attempt to address our own fueling this way we will be heavily opposed. 

The Old Earth Matrix will wage war on the changing of fuel. It gets such a steady and solid income from the gas stations that it promotes that it will go all out to tempt its drivers back again. Therefore be prepared for some sweet "deals" that it will send you in the form of people, events, detours etc.  It will try all it can based on its viewing of your previous life fully within the Old Earth Matrix. Those chums from many years ago that just happen to pop back into your life after being absent for a long time are no co incidence. Those thought patterns that encourage you to go back to old ways of being are part of the pressure that is put upon us as we navigate the gas stations. 

Fully surrendered IN Christ and with a heart fully connected beyond to Wider Creation in TRUTH we get a 'heads up" as it were to the Old Earth Matrix current promotions. This will see us held back from the latest promotional deals and opposed at attempting to follow those around us.  What Christ and Wider Creation in TRUTH reveal to us is the frequency behind the promotional campaign. 

Of course as we use more and more TRUTH and begin the process to change fully to TRUTH as the fuel this gets easier because the promotional campaigns the Old Earth Matrix run are based on emotional toxicity and emotional debris.  Those who hold the most emotional debris are those who are first responders to the promotional material as it triggers said emotional debris and has them returning to refuel, often giving them passes so they can be ahead in the line of those waiting to fuel at the pump. 

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