It is vital that we remember that we have been kept from TRUTH for our entire human life experience and the human race itself have been kept in a false narrative that has ensured that they accepted the conditioning that they experience in this their human physical form. 

In order to go beyond the frequency bandwidths of the Old Earth Matrix it is necessary to dissolve all, any and every conditioning that we have ever experienced in this our human physical form. As most of these frequencies are emitted OFF PLANET it is necessary to walk in spaces where humanity are not generally permitted to walk. 

This is where the skull matrices come in, keeping our frequency balanced and protected as we walk in said spaces. It is as we discover that which is hidden in plain view and more importantly WHY it was hidden that we are able to balance ourselves, our human physical form with our SPIRT in TRUTH. 

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" -  High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan

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