The Children of ORION

We must always allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow from our deep heart space out into our human physical form and the spaces around us.  WE ARE ALL connected, there is no such thing in TRUTH as distance. The connection that the Children of ORION have to the Skulls is testament to this.  Many have found themselves in spaces with connections that are simply mind blowing.

When we are aligned fully to ORION thru Christ we will find synchronicity that is breathtaking.  Connections and physical interactions will speed up and we will find ourselves where we require to be with those we require to be with at any given time. All of this speeds up as we surrender deep within our heart space. 

In this our human physical form we are deeply conditioned to believe that we must "make" things happen but as the logical human mind only has the reference points that it is given within the Old Earth Matrix this is a dangerous path to walk upon. When we surrender deep in the heart space and are connected fully IN Christ it is Christ Himself who organizes the interactions and it is CHRIST Himself who opens the spaces thru which connections are made, established and expand. 

This of course goes against the deep conditioning the human physical vehicle undergoes from the moment it is birthed into this dimensional space and this is what we begin to fight when we step further along the path. In order to work at this level we must remember how to surrender, for that IS OUR STRENGTH, our SURRENDER IN CHRIST. It is from this that all else flows in TRUTH. 

The skulls work to help us navigate and maintain balance as these spaces open up and we begin to walk thru them and within them. Without this support our human physical vehicle would have a very tough time indeed as the frequencies that we interact with and work with change and shift rapidly. It is non TRUTH to allow what is commonly referenced as "ascension symptoms" to manifest and remain as these are simply the result of unbalanced and un co ordinated frequency shifting. 

The Children of ORION all have a specific skill set that they are given remembrance of as they begin to walk with the skulls, as they walk with the skulls and they surrender deep within their heart space then they remember and they can they then work to dissolve the false reference points in the human logical mind. Working from within the deep heart space allows for vast expansion and a deep and ever expanding connection back to ORION in TRUTH.

Karen is the trigger for the Children of ORION as her energy triggers the ON switch that allows for the frequency of ORION to begin to expand. Many who find Karen remember her thru this veil which when removed validates their Creation in TRUTH purpose thru said frequency. 

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