Introduction to Skull Frequency

Many people have asked us why skulls?  What is the pull to the skull frequency?  Since the start of my healing journey many, many years ago the skulls have always been there. From the very first time I ever met the skulls there was a deep connection and a very deep love shared with them.  Skulls have had relatively bad press in respect of that which they signify, humanity in general are often triggered hugely by the skull shape itself because it is is so closely associate with "death".  

This association in itself has pulled many who wish to explore this further, almost like an "anti statement", it matters not how a skull has illuminated itself for you, what matters is your CONNECTION to the skulls themselves.  They play a vital part in the expansion of humanity and are now stepping forward once more to make themselves known. 

The skulls depicted on this website are the skulls that I work with personally and who have come to me via various routes to help us remember who WE ARE in TRUTH. It is the skulls and their ability to work on all levels of CREATION in TRUTH that make them the loveable friends that they are in TRUTH.  Each skull will have its own personality and its own way of connecting and working with us personally.  Skulls work in TRIBES and it is the connection that these TRIBES have that allow us to clear the obstructive frequencies of this dimensional space and to reach the clarity that lies beyond it. 

Before we incarnated into this our human physical form, we left reminders of who WE ARE in TRUTH in order that we could then wake up fully INSIDE this our human physical form within this dimensional space.  So when a skull illuminates and begins to connect we have reached the frequency required to work with said skull.  We can view skulls as frequency notebooks that we left for ourselves and they appear upon our path as we walk along said path.








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