Introduction to Orion

For many within humanity the idea that ORION are here to assist in any process may trigger and it may trigger deeply.  There is information that is placed within the Old Earth Matrix that seeks to have ORION as a perpetrator of war and of injustice, indeed the ORION Wars are a period in galactic history that is usually presented as a deflection and many who attempt to take the first step towards ORION may be hit hard with the war frequency of a race that are not TRUTH. 

Those who claim to be ORION have been tarnished with a frequency that is not TRUTH but which will block the ability to hear the transmissions from ORION in general. This can only ever be understood in TRUTH as we are within a dimensional space referenced as "earth" but in a very low frequency.

The war that rages for this dimensional space is one that humanity are caught within but are not directly involved with. Fragments of this war can be seen within the general set up of the dimensional space referenced as "earth".  There are off world beings for example that seek to prevent humanity from understanding their place within the wider context of Wider Creation in TRUTH.  WE ARE not alone and yet humanity simply laugh at the very idea that somehow there is other life and other life forms. This is thru the denial frequency that is laid down at a very young age within the human physical vehicle and which seeks to prevent any inquiry into who humanity are as a species within a wider context. 

It is therefore not appropriate to place ORION as a "planetary system" and place it in some sort of universe that is presented to humanity as a science.  Wider Creation in TRUTH is so vastly different to that which is presented that it is almost laughable but the reference points have been laid down and repeatedly enforced.  This is akin to the "flat earth" controversy that is now raging, indeed humanity have only accepted that the dimensional space referenced as "earth" is round for a relatively short time period.  They too were laughed at when they gave up the idea that the dimensional space referenced as "earth" was flat and now the same discussion rears its head.  It rears its head to keep the human logical mind engaged in something that has no effect whatsoever on the human life experience. It stops humanity from seeking beyond the arguments because the "ego" placed within the human physical vehicle when given life will run with it. 

So who are ORION if they are not the war mongers that humanity have been conditioned to believe that they are?  ORION are a race of beings who come from a much higher frequency dimension.  They are our relatives because humanity were built upon their blueprint. Said blueprint was altered by races who sought to keep the human logic and reason part of the vehicle and hijack the heart space. We can see this thru the way that humanity thirst for knowledge but then do little with it other than use it as a form of weaponry. 

To meet an ORION being is to look in the mirror, they look like us, they know us because they understand that which has been done to humanity that keeps them locked into the war that the races that did this to humanity are still playing out. The war is for the emotional debris that is collected thru the human physical vehicle of a race that has been genetically engineered to be enslaved. The coding that locks in the human physical vehicle is in the DNA/RNA of our make up. It is this that controls the human life experience and sees humanity enslaved to races that they simply do not see nor even believe in. But belief is nothing, you don't have to believe it is cold to die of cold, you don't have to believe in other races to be the food for them, they rely on the denial frequency and use it to hide in plain sight. 

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