Entering No Man's Land

As we approach the boundaries between the Old Earth Matrix and that which lies beyond we will enter the SANDS of TIME matrices in order to close down the dimensional timelines that are altering the outer waking reality in which we exist in this our human physical vehicle. 

The only way to safely enter these matrices and not get lost in them is to enter thru the SKULL MATRIX that is overseen by the GOLD SKULL OF ORION.  This allows the revelation of that which has walked with us in this our human physical form. 

Humanity play out repetitive timelines (and they are conditioned to accept these as "karmic") which hold all relationships and connections in place at a root level that is non TRUTH. Even the family position that we are incarnate into is held in these repetitive timelines. So we will begin to see patterns of what people around us are living but unless we go into the skull matrix to dissolve our connection to these timelines then we are akin to balloons being held by the string in the hand of the Old Earth Matrix. We will have no real freedom of movement.


The Old Earth Matrix depends on us remaining within this matrix and goes to extreme lengths to hide it from us.  So we will be moving along and expanding and then wham the Old Earth Matrix sends us a connection that is deeply rooted in the repetitive timeline matrix. This will see us stopped in our tracks because the emotional quotient of this connection will seek to hold us from moving any further.  

Because this connection is held in the repetitive timeline matrix it cannot be permitted to evolve and to be lived fully for it is non TRUTH. This can cause almost a blindness to occur with us feeling a deep connection but it remaining just out of reach. This is part of the defense mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix itself. 

In order to walk thru No Man's Land and reach the NEW in TRUTH then we have to remove all that holds us to said No Man's land. 

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