Abstract Structure


We are heavily conditioned in respect of the definition and reference points related to "heaven".  This is acknowledged by ORION and by Wider Creation in TRUTH and we will be given intense validation thru both in order that we can move beyond Heaven's Gate and into Heaven itself for there is much healing that we undergo whilst there. It is part of the journey beyond the Old Earth Matrix and towards the ORION Portal and Wider Creation in TRUTH itself. 

When we are walking toward Heaven's Gate we will be triggered deeply in order that the residue that we carry in relation to the physical passing of loved ones is recognized prior to surrender. There is vast healing that is achieved at this level of frequency and as always WE ARE protected and safeguarded as we approach and enter Heaven itself. 

For those who are here in an angelic support function this will be an intense part of our journey for we have to understand the role of Heaven in TRUTH and from the context of TRUTH which is not from "just" the human physical form that we have taken.  This will see us question our "belief" system and reveal the lies that humanity are conditioned to accept in response to a pain that is the deepest of all, that of separation.


WE ARE asked to surrender fully IN Christ to move into Heaven and to talk and converse and be shown TRUTH in relation to not only our own personal connection but that of those who are within HEAVEN.  It is not as the Old Earth Matrix would have us believe a "final resting place", it is akin to a railway station and it is a thru point only.  Anything that is 'stuck" within us is addressed at this level and this sees major transformation take place within us that is then reflected in our outer waking life experience. 

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