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HEAVEN's gate will open as we approach it in order that we are moved into understanding of our Creation in TRUTH purpose. Often it can be very emotional to approach the gate, HEAVEN will send out signs and symbols to us at an everyday waking life experience level and we may feel a deep sense of peace wash over us alongside a deep trigger. 

The deep trigger is the deep heart space responding to TRUTH and it is responding to the Angelic resonance that is gifted to us thru the GRACE of Creator.  We must allow the understanding to birth as the Old Earth Matrix has kept humanity in a false reference point in respect of HEAVEN forever. 

WE ARE assigned Angels that will work to release the emotional debris in relation to death and dying.  These Angels work on behalf of Creator, they do not work on behalf of us and so they will challenge us fully thru Christ when we begin to oppose their presence. It is Christ who will illuminate that which the Angels require to remove in order that we are fully cleansed. It is vital that we remain IN Christ when we work within HEAVEN's gate as it is in His protection that WE ARE permitted to work to these levels. 

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