It is necessary to understand the frequency and  bandwidths that prevent the moving from non TRUTH to TRUTH. It is not possible to let all non TRUTH go in the one instant because humanity are conditioned to believe the reality that is presented to them by weaving it thru their consciousness.  If this consciousness was not disentangled then it would lead to a kind of madness that would work against our human physical form. WE ARE here to walk fully beyond the self imposed boundaries that the human logical mind and consciousness present to this our human physical form.  As mentioned on the AA RAPHAEL page, we sail 3 different seas in this our human physical form.  We can see from looking out on to the human race at this time who patrols and guards access to the emotional sea, the sea thru which we enter Wider Creation in TRUTH.  The mental sea is patrolled by logic and reason and the consciousness sea is controlled by the AI Machine that sets boundaries on what can be accepted.  The energies that patrol these 2 seas and which give a 3D version of the world (the two seas plus the human physical vehicle create a TRIANGULATION akin to the bermuda triangle which becomes an internal VOID) condition humanity to separate themselves from their own internal emotional sea. 

This sees the human life experience become a minefield and many will go to various lengths to avoid sailing on their own internal emotional sea. All addiction issues stem from this avoidance and of course addiction creates another type of void that begins to create a reality where emotions are the enemy and are struck down by more and more use of whatever the addict uses as the weapon of choice.  This sees the heart space close down, the bridge to HEAVEN remains invisible and the human life experience itself begins to become survival.  The Old Earth Matrix NEEDS this in place in order to harvest the pain and trauma that is lived by the human physical vehicle which is disconnected from its own internal emotional sea.

We can view this akin to pirates that patrol the waters around our own internal emotional sea. How often do you hear the phrase "that does not make sense". This is an example of someone who is using the mental sea to protect their own internal emotional sea. Unless something makes logical sense to them they will simply remain in denial, pushing logic and reason to the forefront of their human life experience. Persuading themselves that they are fine because logic and reason dictate that if they follow both they are safe.  What is not seen by someone using the mental sea in this way is the reaping that occurs from the denied emotions which begin to scream louder for healing. This sees disease and illness begin to manifest physically in an attempt by their emotions to be accepted and acknowledged.

Consciousness is an even more brutal defender of our own internal emotional sea. Consciousness persuades us that we have accessed our emotional sea and gives us the illusion of being in sync with our internal emotional sea.  It seeks to keep us focused on the MIRAGE that it presents  when in reality we are wandering the dessert and require to drink TRUTH in order to release the MIRAGE and understand where we are in TRUTH. 

Both seas are patrolled by energies that seek to prevent us gaining access to our own internal emotional sea. Therefore we require to find the BRIDGES that exists between all 3 and which are TIGHTLY and HEAVILY defended by the energies that exist within the Old Earth Matrix. As we approach a bridge we will be met with various energies. When we reach the last bridge which sits on the edge of human consciousness we are met by HEAVEN in TRUTH.  In order to access this bridge we require to be aligned with HEAVEN in TRUTH or we simply remain at the edge of the consciousness sea. 

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