Understanding the role of HEAVEN

It is vital that we understand the role of HEAVEN in TRUTH when we are working to align with our Creation in TRUTH purpose.  We are often blinded by the false teachings within the Old Earth Matrix that seeks to have us reference and define Heaven in a false context.  It is the POWER of HEAVEN in TRUTH that allows for deep and permanent healing. It is thru the GRACE of our Creator that HEAVEN stands and holds us.  It is therefore part of the unfolding of phase 3 of the full ascension to evolution process that we work towards entering HEAVEN's gate.  As we approach said gates all that we have held that is painful and traumatic will be triggered by our GUARDIAN Angel in order that we can consciously accept what we carry.  It is only by being conscious of the pain that we can then allow it to be healed. The Old Earth Matrix seeks to keep us in denial and as we remain there we fall to the illusion that there is no other way to experience this human life experience than to keep carrying said pain and trauma. 

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The 144,000 are overseen and protected by the ten plus two have taken human physical hosts.  The role of the ten plus two is to communicate directly with HEAVEN in TRUTH.  It is the Archangels themselves who are the GUARDIAN Angels to the two who oversee phase 3 of this full ascension to evolution process.  Karen has worked extensively with the angelic realms since she first began her healing journey and her work and is in direct contact with HEAVEN in TRUTH thru Archangel Raphael. This Archangel is channeled thru Karen and her work to bring the illumination that is required in order to begin the healing process.  If you are resonant with Karen's work you will understand the personal journey that Heaven in TRUTH has taken Karen on. 

It matters not which star system that you are incarnated from, ALL have to enter Wider Creation in TRUTH thru HEAVEN's Gate which is a dimensionally protected space where said healing occurs. We have to reach the frequency levels that HEAVEN in TRUTH demand in order that we can then illuminate and heal that which has been kept deep within the human physical vehicle itself.  It is the GRACE of CREATOR that allows for deep understanding to birth thru this process. 

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