Karen and the Skulls

Karen works with the skulls collectively in full connection to WE ARE - The Blue Skull of ORION. Many people are curious about the skulls but it is very simple, they hold and anchor our frequency as we transcend that which is around us in this our human physical form.  Therefore in order to reach the information and to see with clarity in TRUTH, Karen has to be able to stabilize her frequency as she moves thru the different dimensional spaces. This is done with the full support of the skulls and the skull matrices.  This is a galactic treaty with Wider Creation in TRUTH thru the ORION Portal itself. 

It is not TRUTH to assume that all within humanity are here for the same purpose, that is there is NO collective awakening, the human race are too broken and too low a frequency for that to occur at this time. However there are children of ORION who have chosen to come to this dimensional space and to incarnate into humanity in order to reveal to humanity that which is beyond this dimensional space.  It is to these children that Karen works to give clarity, this is done thru her healing and guidance work and her blogs and podcasts. 

It is the children of ORION with WE ARE that will rise from the ashes of the Old Earth Matrix and reveal to humanity that which has enslaved them thru moving beyond it in their human physical form.  This is part of the validation process that is put in place in order to verify TRUTH in a space that seeks to keep said TRUTH from revealing itself. Therefore those who are within the 144,000 who incarnated from ORION will have a special connection to ORION and to Karen herself. 

We must always remember that this race, that is the human race have been at war with the unseen for as long as they have existed.  Many are not able to see beyond said war which from the stand point of ORION IS ALREADY WON. Therefore the work of the ORION Portal and of Karen herself is focused on Wider Creation in TRUTH.  Many will remain trying to win a war that they do not realize is over (albeit the tendrils still are active on the physical plane), the children of ORION are reminded that in order to come off the battlefield they must simply surrender deep within their heart space.  Then they will receive the triage and debriefing they require in order to continue in their Creation in TRUTH purpose which is to transcend this dimensional space in this their human physical form. 

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