Healing Transmissions thru ORION 

As the 144,000 begin to alter their frequency and begin to dissolve the frequency bandwidths that have kept them in the isolation and separation that humanity are tethered to within the Old Earth Matrix they will require to be given support and "first aid" by ORION.  We can view the human life experience as being on a battlefield, (for more in-depth understanding please listen to PREMIUM 36) when we begin to address the dense frequency bandwidths we reach a stage where we are removed from said battlefield.

ORION know exactly that which their children require for they are monitoring their children at all times, they did not send the 144,000 into this dimensional space referenced as "earth" with no support or back up. The 144,000 will have had an intense human life experience, many of them may have experienced the very harshest of life experience because this was part of their training.  In order to help a race that is tethered and tortured by this dimensional space they had to experience this first hand in order to resonate and feed this back to ORION itself.  

It is to be noted that the 144,000 have incarnated into all walks of life in order to report their experiences back to ORION. WE ARE, there is no "I am" in this process so as a collective body they moved as one but this is not seen by the naked human eyes of the human physical vehicles into which the 144,000 incarnated into. 

At any time ORION can and will send out healing frequencies that are available thru Karen because she has taken the human physical form that is necessary to be the TRANSLATOR between the various dimensional spaces.  Her work is supported fully thru her connection to and WITHIN the skull matrices and the star being matrices along with her connection IN Christ. This allows her a unique perspective and allows her to translate both to ORION and to the 144,000 that which requires to be understood.  

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