Fumigating the Hive

It is vital that we address the fumigating of the hive first and foremost. If we do not then we risk the hive turning on us. They are worker bees and this must be accepted fully. We have incarnated into very dense family lineage lines and we have incarnated into the family units that are under the most "control" of the "Queen Bee".  Therefore we do no service whatsoever to our human family members by allowing the prison cells to remain in place and the energy to continue its "reign".

We are not here in service to humanity albeit we are aiding them at this time, we are in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH and this must be accepted fully. We will be opposed vehemently if we attempt to go forward without first of all taking out the "Queen Bee" and then following thru by fumigating the hive. 

This is addressed thru going in to the deep heart space and meeting with Christ in TRUTH.  It is Christ in TRUTH who will illuminate both the "Queen Bee" and her replacement.  It is pertinent to take out the "reigning Queen Bee" first of all as the replacement is slightly weaker.  Full fumigation of the hive occurs when we have been given permission to accept the role of Christ in TRUTH in bringing to an end that which has contained us forever in this our human physical form. 

It is important to note that it is an energy that is coming thru the human physical vehicle that is in place within the family lineage. It is not the person themselves, so removing the energy will see a change in the persons behavior and how they act and react around you. This is not about stepping away from and cutting people out of our human life experience. It is about removing energy bandwidths, we can fall to the deep illusion that somehow no one will be left and this is further deepened by many new age "teachings" that have some within humanity who have lived in a sort of isolation and shunning "mainstream" humanity. We are not here to shun them or to ignore them, WE ARE within humanity and require to interact and have relationships with them. We cannot do this if we fall to the illusion that somehow we should be living on top of a mountain and following some weird rote and ritual in order to keep our frequency 'pure".

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