Entering the Portal

We are moving beyond where our human logical mind will readily accept and we must at all times remain in full surrender to the process that we are within.  It can be unnerving to walk beyond a boundary that has held us to a very FAMILIAR human life experience. To begin with our human logical mind will attempt to root us into the DENIAL that is part and parcel of this movement.  

We are not attempting to deny denial, we are asked to recognize it and when we see it move into the UNDERSTANDING of it. Remember we have never taken the human physical vehicle past the Old Earth Matrix at this level before. We are supported at all, any and every turn by Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

We will be opposed by Wider Creation in TRUTH when we attempt to steer the human physical vehicle back into that which is non TRUTH. This will feel at times to be very disheartening. We will feel there is little point in doing much at all and yet this is part of illuminating the DENIAL patterns within the human logical mind.  

Nothing is wasted in this part of the process. Our ability to remain humble, to remain in full surrender and to have compassion for ourselves is our strength during the first stages of the movement towards the ORION Portal. 

Like a STORM that washes clean the air, purifies nature and brings a rainbow at its end, THIS is the walk that we take towards the ORION Portal. We are NOT alone but we cannot rely on the navigation tools that we have employed thus far in the human physical life experience. Humanity are not moving, WE ARE. 

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