Cutting Ties in TRUTH

When we enter the skull matrices the skulls will aid in the removal of the veils that are covering our eyes in this our human physical form.  It is not enough to work at an unconscious waking mind level, the Old Earth Matrix exists on multi, intra, inter and extra dimensional planes and we require to untether and cut ties on all of these in order to have the human physical vehicle free from all, any and every interference by said Old Earth Matrix.

It is the cutting of ties in TRUTH that see the biggest change to the outer waking life experience and the skulls hold us in a frequency bubble as it were, protecting our human physical from as we walk in the different dimensional planes. 

As we walk with the skulls and we begin to work WITH them  we begin to reach the understanding that has eluded us to this point.  Skulls are not idols, they are tools that we embrace as we begin to remember who WE ARE in TRUTH. 

It is vital to remember that we cannot cut ties with anything that is TRUTH, TRUTH remains for it JUST IS. 

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