Karen has walked a path that has given her various experience in order that she can understand the experiences that many have within humanity.  For those who resonated with Karen in the waking world her decision to enter a closed community in the Easter USA was one that was for many baffling. She was sharing ground breaking information and yet here she was entering what many believe is simply a "cult". 

In this very personal account of her time in this closed community Karen explains in detail why The Twelve Tribes is much, much more than "just a cult" and why they are a direct line to the very darkness they claim to lead people away from. The Word of YHWY has been rewritten, re ordered and used as a weapon against humanity repeatedly, The Twelve Tribes take this one step further.  

What do you do when those who proclaim to "love you" and "want the best for you" begin to act in various mind blowing ways? 

What do you do when faced with the mental health and anguish of young children who are kept in slavery that many simply do not see?

What do you do when you see children beaten simply for not jumping to attention immediately?

The accounts in this book will trigger you, they cannot fail to for we are not here to endure that which Karen experienced first hand. It was Wider Creation in TRUTH that sent Karen in to the Twelve Tribes and it was Wider Creation in TRUTH that took her back out again.  What occurred in the 18 linear months in between is ongoing for those still trapped within the communities that the Twelve Tribes run. To label them a "cult" is to close your eyes to the very evil that exists right in front of our eyes. 

Cult of 12

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