Crystal Skull Healing

Crystal Skull healing differs from more traditional methods of healing in respect of that which it can reach. More traditional methods of healing may address the various dimensional timelines and that which is affecting the human physical form at this time from said dimensional timelines which works for many people. It can see a transformation begin which allows healing from various ailments and issues.  

Crystal Skull healing addresses that which is the root of ALL, so it begins to transform immediately.  To put this into perspective imagine you have a garden and in said garden are some really beautiful flowers. You begin to notice some weeds that are growing and you pull them out but weeds have a tendency to leave behind tendrils. So the garden will look beautiful but at some point the weeds that you pulled out will begin to resurface again, perhaps in a different part of the garden. Often people will spend a lot of time trying to pull the weeds out and keep their garden beautiful not realizing that there is an option to make sure that the weeds do not grow back. 

In the above example it may be enough for you to tidy the garden and grounds keep not all who have taken human physical form will require to eradicate all the weeds from the garden, that is not their Creation in TRUTH purpose.  For the children of ORION it is necessary to uproot all the weeds and have the garden pristine because they are here to move beyond the GARDEN and reconnect with Wider Creation in TRUTH.  Galactic protocol demands that there are NO ROOT frequency tendrils from the dimensional space referenced as "earth" as this would disrupt Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Crystal Skull healing therefore addresses the ROOTS fully and allows the healing of ALL TRAUMA which sits beyond the human physical form but which indirectly affects said human physical form.  View Crystal Skull healing as a power shower, it cleans the bits that we do not necessarily see, leaving us fresh, exhilarated and ready to get on with our human life experience!

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