The 144,000

Within the general human population there are 144,000 who are directly from Wider Creation in TRUTH. They are not what is termed "star seeds", this is a very confusing and often misleading phrase that has been growing within the new age community specifically for some time.  In order to move humanity as a species into full evolution there has to be an energy that is guiding and revealing TRUTH to them.  It is not enough to simply explain and think about evolution, for a species to evolve they have to go thru a physical process in order to go beyond where they have been.  The 144,000 have taken human physical form in order that they can move the human physical vehicle into evolution which is why phase three of the ascension  to full evolution process involves changes to the human physical vehicle. 

The 144,000 require to be connected back to the ORION Portal thru Christ. This assures that they reach their ORIGIN energy and are able to understand thru energetic transmission codes that which is required of them. Those who are here to aid in this transition process are from Wider Creation in TRUTH and are aligned thru the ORION Portal.  Christ is the gateway to the ORION Portal for the 144,000 and this can be confusing when humanity are bound into the construct of religion that seeks to lead them away from Christ and remain at the Cross. 


It is vital that the 144,000 are able to recognize both themselves and Karen herself for she speaks for the High Council of  ORION thru her connection thru Christ and is here to aid the 144,000 in their Creation Purpose in TRUTH. It is not TRUTH to assume that the 144,000 already remember who they are at this time, part of the process of remembering is to dissolve the pain, trauma and separation that they have endured in their life times of incarnation within the human race. They have had to incarnate repeatedly in order to understand the pain and separation that humanity have been kept bound to.  Whilst the 144,000 may not be aware of themselves at a conscious waking level, the High Council of ORION knows where they are, who they are and why they are.  

The bridge that is birthed is that of the High Council of ORION thru Karen in order they can speak with the 144,000 and re awaken them. Therefore Karen is in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH thru ORION in order to align the 144,000 back to their home energy. As this occurs the divide between those who walk in the Old Earth Matrix and those who are ready to cross the bridge into the higher energies will become more and more obvious. WE ARE reminded that we serve no one by holding back because without real change and real physical experience humanity would remain in stasis and as this is not TRUTH it will be opposed by Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

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