AA Raphael heads the healing team that Karen is connected to.  This GUARDIAN angel has walked with her since she came into this her human physical form.  Working on the BLUE/GREEN Ray this Archangel governs the emotional seas that humanity sail upon. 

It is necessary to illuminate all that sails on this internal sea which is referenced to humanity as "emotions".  As we begin to live in this our human physical form we sail 3 internal seas, the emotional sea, the mental sea and the consciousness sea.  Humanity are conditioned to focus on the consciousness and mental sea above the emotional sea because of that which reaps from the emotional sea. 

We can view the energy as a pirate force. It needs to patrol the emotional sea using the CURRENT of the mental sea and the consciousness sea to gain access to the emotional sea. 

AA Raphael stands are protector of the emotional sea because it is this sea that permits the crossing into the promised land.  This promised land is stated in the Word of YHWY as the new JERUSALEM.  HEAVEN in TRUTH guard the gates to this city because it is the deep heart space, it is where HEAVEN meets EARTH and it is where we CONNECT in TRUTH to Wider Creation in TRUTH.

ONLY TRUTH can cross over into Wider Creation in TRUTH because only TRUTH exists beyond this Old Earth Matrix therefore in order to cross over into Wider Creation in TRUTH we must release all that we hold internally which is non TRUTH. 

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