As part of the alignment with the Orion Portal it will be necessary to remove the holding frequencies that begin to activate as you step towards the edge of no man's land. This is the dimensional space that occurs as you leave the Old Earth Matrix but before you can fully access and work with Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

It is vital that you begin to understand that you are working with new tools and that you are vastly more than you have permitted yourself to accept. 

Thru Karen WE have created a meditation that can be done at times of interference that removes the holding frequencies allowing you to continue to walk. 

Working with symbols and guiding you clearly Karen works to help you release that which is anchoring the outer waking reality around you and holding you in stasis. This audio recording can be done whenever you feel that you require help to address something that you may be able to feel but cannot put your finger on.  Each time you work to do this exercise it will change, so you do not do the same journey each time, the symbols will change and where you find yourself, the dimensional spaces that open up will change as you connect to Karen thru her voice. 

This allows for movement where your human logical mind will continue to insist that there is no where else to move.  The symbols bypass the human logic and reason that works against you at this level. It will become obvious the more that you work with Karen's voice that which is unfolding and you will be able to navigate in spaces beyond where you have reached before. 

We ask that you hold the intention to connect with Karen thru the Skull Collective prior to attempting to listen to the audio recording in order that you have a clear and uninterrupted connection. 


(audio mp3 download)


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