Aligning with Skulls in TRUTH

Skulls are an image that many within humanity reject fully. Such is the conditioning that has been enforced upon humanity that many fall to the imagery that is associated with death without understanding the power that the skull symbol has.  The Old Earth Matrix has done an impressive job of linking skull symbology to that which many use in a very negative context. Everything that exists is a frequency and a vibration, without a frequency nothing can manifest.  It is therefore vital that we purify and cleanse all of OUR reference points in relation to the skulls and their symbology. 

To do this we go deep within the heart space and connect to SOURCE thru Christ in order that the polarity frequency is revealed to us and we can work to cleanse and clear it. The skulls themselves will work to aid in this and you may find that when you reach the level of frequency that activate the skulls you are suddenly bombarded with skull imagery. This may be crystal skulls but often it is just the symbol itself. Depending on your role within the ORION Collective the skulls may walk towards you slowly or may simply surround you asking that you remember them and your Creation Purpose in TRUTH. 

When this happens it is vital that we do not allow the Old Earth Matrix to make the references points deeper.  We may feel first of all overwhelmed because the skulls are connected directly to SOURCE, it is akin to moving from 120 volts to 240 volts. Its a vibration and frequency and Christ is in place to help us navigate the frequency SURGE that occurs when we connect more fully beyond the Old Earth Matrix. 

It may be that you connected with skulls at a very young age but never gave it much thought then all of a sudden the skulls wake you to a new level. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  This is a frequency surge that will release the very dense human coding that we have inherited from our human physical form when we birthed into this physical plane of existence. 

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